Thursday, December 10, 2015

Greenhouse Revisited

Ive been bummed about not having the time or energy to get
out and do much exploring let alone take any photos to share lately.

Then, while watching Jason sort through his photos, I realized
in my haste to post all of our Detroit adventures I managed
to completely forget I had some fabulous pictures of our 
quick stop back at the old overgrown Ohio greenhouse!

The sun was rising fast, the leaves were scarce, and not as colorful
as we had hoped, so we made it a short visit.

I had to stop and see this old babe again.

 And pick up some gardening supplies for home.

 Jason trying to save on gas money.

And back on the road, off to a great start 
on what turned out to be an incredible day.
Thanks for joining!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Motor City

 While in Detroit a few weeks ago, we stopped by an
abandoned car body plant to see the remains of early 
automotive industry in the city known best for it.

 It was a popular spot for sure, judging by the several 
other explorers that popped up while we were there 
and the Quikrete that had been poured in this collapsed 
section of cement to create a small skating area.

The distant windows on one floor cast an eerie aqua light 
on the space's graffiti covered pillars and stalactites.

Going up, things got more interesting both art and structure-wise.

 The top floor housed most of the factory's remaining tracks, booths, 
and ventilation shafts used to move and paint auto body parts.

The area is now re-purposed for painting of another kind.

The roof was massive and had a fantastic 360 degree view of the city.
I loved the shapes of the pipes and vents jutting out from the building.

 (A favorite piece seen above)

 For more photos of our other stops in Detroit, check out:

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Do Not Disturb

Since drinking in hotels is one of Shannon's favorite things to do
in Cleveland, we headed out with a friend of hers to try to get her 
a Fourloko sponsorship before she headed back to Pittsburgh. 
We may not have succeeded but hey, they are 
following us on Instagram now so there's that.

Let's dive right in then. Ha.

First stop was the pool. Leaves, trash, and employee paperwork from
the late 80's and 90's littered the floor and stagnant water.

We're not sure how this deer got inside or how she died, but
somebody made the effort to cheer up the scene with confetti and glitter.

Shannon immediately dubbed it her spirit animal.

We headed up to the top floor, the rooms of which mostly looked 
something like this. Furniture strewn around the room and wallpaper peeling.

(Photo: Shannon and her Spirit Animal)

It appeared efforts were being made to remove furniture before it 
was abandoned. Some hallways were nearly impassible,
packed with mattresses or dressers and desks.

One of the suites had been partially restored to a living room arrangement,
complete with flowers in vases. A fantastic group photo location. (Coming soon)

After some time relaxing and splitting a strong yet refreshing Watermelon 
Fourloko in the comfort of our private suite, it was time to head out.

(This blog post brought to you by Fourloko)