Sunday, November 8, 2015


A Sunday in Detroit last weekend ended in the last place 
most people would want it to, but the best we could hope for.

Prison Property.

Maybe I've just watched too much OITNB but the whole
place felt like a TV set. A surreal setting that I can't say
I expect to find myself in again.

 When the doors closed in 2004 it had been a state women's 
correctional facility for almost 20 years, as seen in the 
pink decor of the classrooms and hallways.

In search of cell blocks, we headed toward the maximum 
security building in the distance. The overgrown grounds and fast
setting sun made for some of my favorite photos to date.

(Especially this one of Jason)

 We made our way around to an ominously guarded looking entrance...

and found the rows of bars we were looking for.

 Lights out. Time to go.

Daylight savings cut our trip a lot shorter than I would have 
liked, yet I couldn't have asked for a better day.
We made several other stops earlier in the day, so look
for more posts coming your way soon!

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