Friday, November 13, 2015

The Doctor is Out

 Stop number one in Detroit was an old abandoned hospital.

Built in 1974 and permanently closed almost 10 years ago in 2006, 
this building was pretty well trashed and gutted. But it was my first
hospital and my first time in the city and I was stoked!

Starting at the top.

 The outer rooms' windows were all removed,
making them feel more like open balconies.

 The floor was littered with paperwork, floppy disks, 
phones, and various other things.

 Check out Jason's blog soon for this shot I caught him taking.

 My favorite message on the walls.

 And the most metal gynecologist office ever.


Down to the lobby and out.

I'd love to see more preserved buildings for their historic value
as well as for the tools, decor, and other items left behind, but
I do really love the look of graffiti covered, crumbling structures.
Both are providing copious amounts of subject matter 
for me to hone my photography skills.

Stick around to watch.

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