Thursday, July 2, 2015

White Dove

On my last day in town last week, Jason and I decided to take a look 
around an old White Dove Mattress factory, established in the 20's, 
that he hadn't visited since this past winter.

We headed straight for the top floor to get all the stairs out of the way,
passing large window displays of graffiti and a matching charity offer.

The floors were swollen with waves of old wooden floorboards, 
light fixtures were strewn across the factory, 
likely left behind by scrappers collecting metals...

...and pools of rainwater reflected rows 
of columns and beautiful glass mosaics.

We certainly nailed the timing, 
making the most of the golden hour light.

Before heading off into the blue for tacos at Barrio!

(Taco pictures not included)

I nearly ruined my brand new shoes in here, Jason forgot 
to change out of his good black pants, and we arrived at dinner 
a bit dustier than normal, but happy with an evening well spent.

See you soon!

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